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Vet Podcast with Dr Ailsa Rutherford

If you’re concerned that your four-legged friend shows signs of severe anxiety, then look no further! Listen in as Dr Ailsa takes us through how to treat severe anxiety in your dog.

Should you walk your dog with arthritis? Check out our latest video from Q&A with Dr Ailsa Rutherford to find out more!

Listen in as Dr Ailsa takes us through the key ways to improve your dog's gut health.

Dr Ailsa discusses natural supplements you should give your dog to improve gut health.

Has your dog ever suffered a seizure? Join us as Dr Ailsa Rutherford talks about the causes of seizures and how to treat them in dogs.

Does your cat suffer from chronic kidney disease? Dr Ailsa Rutherford discusses how you can help your cat with kidney disease.

Dr Ailsa discusses arthritis and how to treat it in your dog.

Dr Ailsa discusses the types of seizures in dogs. Listen to our newest segment to find out more.

Dr Ailsa discusses supplements you can give your dog with itchy skin.

Do you know if your cat suffers from kidney disease? Listen in as Dr Ailsa Rutherford talks about how you can tell if your cat has kidney disease.

Do you know what to do if your dog is having a seizure? Dr Ailsa Rutherford takes us through what to do when your dog is having a seizure.

Do you know if your dog had a seizure? Dr Ailsa Rutherford explains how to tell if your dog had one.