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Fish Oil for Health Support in Senior Cats

BUDDYPET Luna naturally supports your kitty’s health.

Luna is a blend of fish oil and hemp seed oil. In this delicious blend, fish oil works as an anti-inflammatory agent while hemp seed oil works as an antioxidant to help reduce oxidative stress and slow down ageing.

Luna's greatest power is the high content of DHA and EPA. DHA has benefits for all ages. EPA’s anti-inflammatory effects are highly beneficial to senior cats, especially those with chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis and kidney disease.

Luna is an excellent way to support your cat in their golden years.

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how should my cat take it?

BUDDYPET Luna is safe and should be taken in the recommended dose for your cat's size. Add directly to food once a day.

Start slowly with 1 drop a day, increasing gradually to 3 drops a day over the course of 10 days.


Fish Oil, Hemp Seed Oil.

health benefits

  • Supports overall wellbeing in senior cats by fighting chronic inflammation caused by oxidative stress
  • Assists with symptomatic relief of pain in damaged, inflamed arthritic joints
  • Assists with reducing gut inflammation, thus supporting and improving the overall immune function 
  • Could help slow down progression of kidney disease through the anti-inflammatory action of the fatty acids and antioxidants.

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Essential fatty acids are very important for general health; the anti-inflammatory omega-3 can help improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation in joints, support the immune system and reduce the risk of cognitive degeneration. Natural dietary supplements like fish oil and hemp seed oil can play an important role in the holistic care of our cats. Dr. Ailsa Rutherford

Customer Reviews

Based on 1098 reviews

My 4-year-old timid Maine Coon is an extremely fussy eater. I was beginning to despair watching her health deteriorate. I came across BuddyPet in a Google search and decided to give it a go, especially since it is a liquid and not tablets, being easier to give to her. Within a few days, she started to change. Her coat continues to improve, and she is no longer the scardy cat she usually is. It has been 3 weeks since she started using it. I am looking forward to seeing what a few months will do.

Young Again

My 20 years old fur baby had arthritis and had to move to a ground floor bed, having difficulty with steps of any kind and he just slept most of the day. His fur was looking dull and he didn't seem to be happy. 2 weeks on Luna and he's young again, coat is shining and he now makes it to the top of the cat tree to sleep .. great product for sure!

Cat with lots of health issues

My 21 yr old cat has kidney desease & severe osteoarthritis, she could hardly walk & was looking quite scraggly.She has been taking Luna for some time now & everything has improved .She walks without pain , she is so much happier & is purring all the time .Her eyes are bright & her fur has thickened up & is silky smooth .She is such a fussy eater but loves the taste , l put it directly onto her food . .l also add chicken bone broth to her food daily , l believe both these things have helped with her health .The Vet can’t believe she is still alive & doing so well


I would recommend this, within days l could see a difference in Latta's coat is really shiny and her general wellbeing to improved and she has stopped scratching like she was, l live in a unit that has considerable mould it being an old uninsulated building in Queensland l have worked at making it healthy for my furbabies and myself.

Catalina Tezo
Cat is running around again

The oil was very good, my Persian cat didnt like the taste on the first try but got over it. She eats it every night now and is sleeping better and i noticed she has a lot more energy in the daytime and that was the biggest worry for me. Will buy again thank you!