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Hemp Seed Oil for Anxiety and Itchy Skin

BUDDYPET MARLEY is for all-around TLC.

The hemp seed oil in Marley is rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 and GLA fatty acids as well as 21 amino acids, Vitamin E (antioxidant) and all essential minerals.

Marley can help reduce anxieties and improve mood and sleep through a combined effect of hemp’s anti-inflammatory fatty acids, the antioxidant value of Vitamin E and the anti-depressant actions of phytosterols.

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how should my pet take it?

BUDDYPET Marley is safe for all breeds. Please follow the recommended serving suggestions for your pet’s size. Add directly to food. Or if your pet prefers, have them lick it straight off a spoon.

Many of our customers report improvement in their pet’s mood within a week. You may also notice your pet’s coat is a lot shinier, and skin irritations and joint pain have reduced.

Small animals (under 10kg):  1/4 dropper.

Medium animals (10-25kg):  1/2 dropper.

Large animals (25kg+):  1 dropper.


100% Raw, Cold-Pressed Australian Hemp Seed Oil.

health benefits

  • Can help improve your pet's general wellbeing
  • Supports muscle and joint health
  • Supports mental health: can help manage anxiety, improve mood and sleep
  • Supports heart and brain health
  • Supports skin and coat health

reach out

If you have any questions, we'd love to help!

As more and more people look towards a sustainable way of living for themselves and their pets, they are using hemp seed oil as a supplement both in healthy animals as a part of a balanced diet and also for pets with health issues to help relieve symptoms and support the body’s natural defences. Hemp seed oil is of particular interest as a supplement for our pets as it has a high essential fatty acid content in an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3s. Dr. Ailsa Rutherford

Customer Reviews

Based on 2581 reviews

So far so good. My dogs anxiety levels has dropped


The bottle of Marley that I received was 6 months past its labelled best before date. I spoke with Joanne, who responded to me saying "The product doesn’t go off after this date or anything like that." However, online research suggests that hemp oil has a short shelf life. I have three dogs and have not seen a difference after a few weeks of them having their daily dose. This makes me question whether the product has gone bad and I have been sold an expired product for $80 + postage.

I'm disappointed and won't be recommending this product to anyone.

Great for Whippets!

Our whippet loves these products. They’ve helped calm him down and help with his anxiety when we leave the house for work in the morning. Highly recommend!

Helps with anxiety

We have been using this for a month now and can see results in the anxiety my dog has. It also helps her calm down after a big day. I really recommend this product.

Great products for my pug!

I love this brand, special mention for their shampoo! It makes my fur baby’s hair super soft and shiny and it’s also perfect for his sensitive skin.
And it’s made in Tasmania! How good