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Vet Podcast with Dr Ailsa Rutherford

Does your pet suffer from atopic dermatitis? Dr Ailsa discusses symptoms, causes and treatments to help reduce inflammation in the skin to aid natural healing.

Dr Ailsa Rutherford, our Head of Animal Health, explains the immense health benefits of hemp CBD oil for pets.

Not sure if your dog is suffering from anxiety? Dr Ailsa Rutherford discusses the signs and symptoms.

Dr Ailsa discusses the physical and psychological symptoms of canine anxiety and explains how you can help.

Dr Ailsa shares some dog grooming tips for optimal skin and coat health. Let’s take a closer look at how often your should wash your dog.

Dr Ailsa discusses the differences between hemp seed oil and hemp CBD oil, and when to use each for your pets.

Dr Ailsa Rutherford discusses chronic kidney disease in cats - symptoms, causes and treatments to help your little furball.

Do you think your cat has a UTI? Watch our latest video, where Dr Ailsa discusses UTI symptoms and treatment.

Dr Ailsa discusses supplements to support your pet's joint health.

All dog breeds can have joint health issues, but some are predisposed more than others. Dr Ailsa reviews dog breeds most prone to joint health issues.

Dr Ailsa Rutherford, our Head of Animal Health, discusses arthritis and what we can do for our best friends to help manage the pain in their damaged, arthritic joints.