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By Sebastian Walach
2nd November 2021

Dr Ailsa Rutherford

Head of Animal Health
Tuesday 2nd November 2021

At BUDDYPET, we use scientific and medical expertise to harness the full healing powers of our all-natural hemp seed oil.

Dr Ailsa Rutherford is a senior practicing veterinarian, and as our Head of Animal Health she oversees the development of all BUDDYPET products to ensure the optimal efficacy and safety of each one.

Dr Ailsa is a member of the Australia and New Zealand College of Veterinary Surgeons in Emergency and Critical Care Chapter and Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW.

Like many Vets, Dr Ailsa knew that what she wanted to be from a very young age. Growing up in Yorkshire in the UK, she volunteered at a local vet clinic from the age of 13.

A highly trained and passionate Vet, Dr. Ailsa studied Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University. After graduating, Dr. Ailsa forged her career in London before moving to Australia in 2011.

Today, Dr Rutherford has fortified her place at the forefront of Veterinary Medicine. She is a believer in integrative medicine for pets and has a special interest in Ultrasonography, Emergency Medicine, and caring for senior pets.

Dr. Ailsa and her husband Michael care for a fur family of five. Three adorable dogs and two mischievous cats who each came to them as rescue animals. 


15½ years old. Border Collie x Springer Spaniel. Chica came into Dr. Ailsa’s clinic when she was 4 months old. Chica migrated with Dr. Ailsa and  husband Michael when they moved to Australia.


7½ years old. Border Collie X Kelpie. Tui came into Dr. Ailsa’s clinic when he was 9 months after being running on the highway with no microchip. After no one came forward for him he joined Dr. Ailsa’s growing brood.


3 ½ years old. Border Collie x Kelpie. Peanut was surrendered to Dr. Ailsa’s Vet clinic when she had tick paralysis at 7 months old. Dr. Ailsa treated her at home to nurse her back to health with the intention of finding a loving new home for her, but fell in love with her and couldn’t let her go!


9½ years old. Simon was a clinic cat who constantly got up to mischief by breaking into the pet food bags and so he came home to live with Dr. Ailsa, where he continues to get up to mischief.


6½ years old. Hippo was found by Dr. Ailsa’s husband Michael, in a field with his front leg stuck through his collar causing a nasty wound. He was also suffering with tick paralysis and couldn’t move. Dr. Ailsa took him home to nurse him back to health after his owner couldn’t afford treatment and he quickly become a permanent resident and fur baby number 5!