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Luna: The Proven Solution for Cat Anxiety and Well-Being

Natural Anxiety Relief: Luna offers a natural solution to alleviate anxiety in cats.

All-Natural Hemp Seed Oil:Rich in Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin, coat, and joints.

Fish Oil:Packed with DHA & EPA for cognitive function, vision, and heart health.

Healthier Skin and Coat:The essential fatty acids in Luna contribute to healthier skin and a shinier coat

Natural & Safe: Made with all-natural ingredients you can trust.

Veterinarian Recommended: Formulated by experts for optimal results.

Essential Fatty Acids: Essential fatty acids contribute to improved health and
vitality in cats.

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Benefits of Daily Use

Purrfectly Playful:
Unleash your cat's inner kitten with playful energy! Many pet parents report increased playfulness after using Luna.

Radiant Skin & Coat:
Nourish your feline friend from the inside out with ingredients that promote healthy skin and a dazzling shine.

Stronger Joints:
Help your cat move with ease and enjoy life to the fullest with ingredients that support improved joint function.

Hemp Calm:
Luna's soothing formula helps your cat feel serene and stress-free, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

Feel confident knowing Luna is formulated with your cat's health in mind.

Delicious & Appealing:
Even picky eaters love Luna's taste, making it easy to incorporate into their daily routine.

The # 1 Choice For Cat Owners

45,329 pets love our products

Luna gold

Wow guys this product is working magic on my cat Murray. He’s 17 years old this year and has been diagnosed with CKDand was slowing up. Luna has given him a new look at life.

--Katie O.

Cat is running around again

The oil was very good, my Persian cat didnt like the taste on the first try but got over it. She eats it every night now and is sleeping better and i noticed she has a lot more energy in the daytime and that was the biggest worry for me. Will buy again thank you!

--Catalina Tezo

It's a life saver!

I purchased this product as I have rescue cats that have due to their past experiences have low immune systems & was looking for things to help them..early days but I can see improvements already & they seem to like or at least tolerate the taste. I add it to their food & one cat that was very nervous of people is becoming a love bug so who knows but very satisfied with this product.


Vet formulated & approved

Dr. Ailsa Rutherford

"As more and more people look towards a sustainable way of living for themselves or their pets, they are using hemp seed oil as a supplement both in healthy animals as a part of a balanced diet and also for pets with health issues to help relieve symptoms and support the body's natural defences. Hemp Seed Oil is of particular interest as a supplement for our pets as it has a high essential fatty acid content in an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3s" 


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