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luna bundle

Hemp Seed Oil and Fish Oil
for Senior Cats

BUDDYPET Luna naturally supports your kitty’s health.

Nutrient rich, Luna is packed with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, iron, vitamin E and B vitamins group, providing the perfect daily nutritional supplement for optimal heath.

But Luna's greatest power is the high content of two of the most important compounds in omega-3: DHA and EPA. DHA has benefits for animals of all ages, from kittens to senior cats. EPA’s anti-inflammatory effects are highly beneficial to older cats, especially those with chronic diseases such as arthritis.

Whether you’re looking to improve your friend's overall health or you want to focus on certain health conditions, Luna is an excellent way to support your cat’s total health.

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how should my cat take it?

BUDDYPET Luna is safe and should be taken in the recommended dose for your cat's size. Add directly to food once a day.

Start slowly with 1 drop a day, increasing gradually to 3 drops a day over the course of 2 weeks.


100% raw hemp seed oil and fish oil.

health benefits

  • Supports overall wellbeing by fighting chronic inflammation caused by oxidative stress
  • Assists with symptomatic relief of pain in damaged, inflamed arthritic joints
  • Assists with reducing gut inflammation, thus supporting and improving the overall immune function 
  • Could help slow down progression of kidney disease through the anti-inflammatory action of the fatty acids and antioxidants.

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Essential fatty acids are very important for general health; the anti-inflammatory omega-3 can help improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation in joints, support the immune system and reduce the risk of cognitive degeneration. Natural dietary supplements like fish oil and hemp seed oil can play an important role in the holistic care of our cats. Dr. Ailsa Rutherford

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